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TEN Associates financial public relations programs

TEN Associate’s financial public relations programs are designed to fill the gap experienced by most publicly traded companies. TEN Associate’s serves as your company’s corporate advisor. We assist you in getting your story out in an exciting, concise and compliant manner. Our team will take the time to fully understand every facet of your company’s operations and translate that knowledge to the brokerage community, individual investors and select media. Once the original plan has been implemented the most important service we provide is continuous follow up.

In today’s marketplace, there is intense competition for the investment dollar

It is imperative for companies to employ professionals to plan a marketing strategy which will achieve its desired results. Once public, the hard reality of Wall Street becomes apparent. It is up to each publicly traded company to attempt to attract their own network of brokers and market makers. This often proves to be a very difficult task. Most companies lack the manpower, experience and desire to motivate and significantly impact the brokerage community. We have one clear objective behind all that we do to bring investor interest to your company. We build the foundation of support your company needs for growth by reaching qualified investors with your firm’s compelling story.

TEN Associates can help your company arrange funding

For small to medium sized companies who desire to expand within their markets or to acquire new business. TEN Associates Consulting’s knowledgeable team of professionals has successfully arranged initial public offerings and mergers. We have a vast network of associates we introduce our clients to; including investment bankers, brokers, market makers, attorneys, auditors, and public relations professionals. By combining these talents, TEN Associates provides a complete range of professional, corporate consulting services.

TEN Associates specializes in managing shareholder/broker relations

It is understood on Wall Street that companies which conduct thoughtful, professionally planned investor relations programs, have an edge in the growing competition for the investment dollar. Our basic strategy is to use personal contact among brokers to inform, and assist in creating a larger shareholder base. Our programs are broad and include a determination of the best methods to reach both your goals and the objectives of the companies. We have the most effective network of brokers and major financial investors, who are willing to involve themselves in our efforts. TEN Associates strives to form relationships that will produce long lasting benefits to our customers. In essence our team concentrates on communicating your story to the investment community in a timely and understandable fashion to achieve the intended results.


TEN Associates Consulting has the experience and diverse services to meet your needs

TEN Associates achieves what other groups promise but frequently fail to provide. Our financial consulting packages are far more than advertising or even investor relation’s campaigns; they are corporate resources of immense potential and impact. In the financial relations and consulting arena, TEN Associates provides all the services required to help your company get noticed and succeed.

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