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TEN Associates LLC.


The key to effectively communicating with the investment community and achieving tangible results is doing the little things right!
In today’s public marketplace, there is fierce competition for the investor’s attention. With thousands of publicly traded companies struggling for recognition, it is important for companies to employ experienced professionals to design a marketing strategy that will achieve its intended results​

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As an organization we recognize the challenges innovative public companies face due to the rapidly changing investment landscape. Creating and rapidly deploying a strategic communication campaign including market exposure and an investor awareness program is a tremendous challenge. As a team of dedicated professionals, we strive to provide comprehensive, long lasting beneficial results for our clients support growing shareholder value.

Our network is extensive and our team is experienced, professional, aggressive and compliant. We develop customized solutions to address the needs of growing companies ranging from start-ups to seasoned industry leaders.

  • Public Relations Programs

  • Introductions to Funding Sources

  • Managing Shareholder/Broker Relations

  • Corporate Consulting Services

  • Roadshows & Networking

  • Professional Referrals

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